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Credit: Record Eagle, October 30, 2019


TCAPS Transparency is a whole lot of people with the common goal of making TCAPS business transparent to the public.  We are taxpayers, parents, grandparents, teachers, staff members, business owners and neighbors.  We are moderates, conservatives, and liberals.  We are old, young, and somewhere in between.  We don't want to be mischaracterized by those who want to shut us down.  Transparent means "characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices."  We are concerned about the current nontransparent practices at TCAPS and the impact they will have on our kids' education and on our local economy.


The stronger TCAPS Transparency becomes, the more we will be wrongfully attacked.  Some are trying to scare the public into thinking this movement is about a specific party or agenda.  But those people are the ones trying to advance their own politics.  We don't care about your politics, as long as you want transparency and truth.  And we don't care about the politics of TCAPS Board members.  We do care that they are transparent, truthful and working in the best interest of the district as a whole.


We do not prefer, attack or associate with any political party.  And we don't engage with anyone advancing misconceptions about who we are.  Let's not let those people control the public discussion or distract from our common goal: Transparency in the business of TCAPS so that the public knows what is being done with our tax dollars and the people we trust to educate our kids.

2019 TCAPS Transparency in Education.

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