Cost of Recall

The recall itself is estimated to cost
over $120,000 between the special election, the signature collecting effort, and campaign costs. Plus the emotional cost to the TCAPS community.

Three major categories of costs are involved in the recall: the cost of the special election, the cost of the recall effort, and campaign costs. The recall effort also will have an emotional toll on our community. All of these costs can be avoided if the TCAPS school board members resign.


Holding a special election costs money

Unfortunately, the taxpayers will bear the cost of the special election -- which the county estimates at $80,000 (preparing ballots, opening the voting locations, staff time, etc.).


Mobilizing the community to sign petitions and vote out these board members costs money

TCAPS Transparency will incur costs around mobilizing the recall effort in the community including copying, clipboards, office supplies, print materials, facility fees, and postage. Their costs will be covered by area donors who are concerned about this TCAPS school board crisis.


Campaigns cost money

New school board candidates will have campaign expenses. Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson probably will have campaign expenses -- in their case, to fight the recall. Area donors will be tapped to fund those campaigns.


The recall effort will have an emotional toll

People on both sides of the recall effort will be distracted from the regular business of getting work done in our community. Ongoing tensions will be a strain on TCAPS administration, teachers, and staff.


All of these costs can be avoided if the TCAPS school board members resign.

2019 TCAPS Transparency in Education.

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