Recall FAQs

The most common questions about the TCAPS School Board recall effort

1. Who are you trying to recall?

The recall effort is focused on Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson.

2. Why aren't you trying to recall Jeff Leonhardt and Jane Klegman?

We strongly urge these two board members to resign. However, according to Michigan law, they cannot be recalled because Leonhardt and Klegman will be within the last year of their respective terms which are up for re-election in Nov 2020. While we cannot recall them in May 2020, we can vote them out in November 2020.


3. Why aren't you trying to recall Erica Moon Mohr?

The recall petition language had to be concise and clear. TCAPS Transparency decided that the vote to accept the separation agreement with Ann Cardon at a cost of $180,000 to the district was a clear and obvious board failure. Erica Moon Mohr voted against that motion -- thus she did not fit the recall as stated.


4. How many signatures do you need to get a recall election?

TCAPS Transparency will need 11,666 valid signatures of registered voters who live within the TCAPS district boundaries.


5. When will TCAPS Transparency start collecting signatures?

We don't have a firm date yet as we don't know if the recall petition language will be challenged or not. That hearing is November 26. We will let people know as soon as possible.


6. What is the deadline for turning in signatures?

February 28th is the deadline for submitting signatures. 


7. When will the recall election happen?

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


8. If Kelly, Forton, and Anderson are recalled, who fills their spots?

The recall election is more like a do-over than a straight recall. On May 5, 2020, voters will be given a list of candidates for the TCAPS School Board. Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson will be on the list -- along with new candidates who choose to run for the seats. If the new candidates get more votes than Kelly, Forton, and Anderson, then the new folks will take over their terms on the school board.


9. Do you mean Kelly, Forton, and Anderson could get re-elected?

Basically yes. If the voters give them the highest number of votes on May 5, 2020, then Kelly, Forton, and/or Anderson would keep their seats and finish out their terms. They would not get time added to their terms.


10. What if the new candidates get the most votes?

The three candidates who get the highest number of votes on May 5 will take over the remaining terms of Kelly, Forton, and Anderson. Those terms run out in December 2022.


11. What will the recall cost?

There are three major categories of costs involved in the recall: cost of the special election, the cost of the recall effort, and campaign costs. Unfortunately, the taxpayers will bear the cost of the special election -- which the county estimates at $80,000 (preparing ballots, opening the voting locations, staff time, etc.). TCAPS Transparency will incur costs around mobilizing the recall effort in the community. New school board candidates will have expenses to run their own campaigns. Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson also may have campaign expenses -- in their case, to fight their own recall. All of these costs can be avoided if the TCAPS school board members resign. See What Recall Will Cost for a full estimate of costs.


12. What happens if any or all of the board members resign before the recall election?

If all three resign before the signatures are submitted, then no recall election is held. The three board vacancies would be filled using the standard TCAPS protocols. If one or two resign, then they would be dropped from the ballot, but the recall election would proceed with any remaining board member(s).

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