Recall Timeline

You can sign a recall petition once the language is approved, and you can vote to recall these school board members on May 5, 2020.

November 8, 2019

Recall petition language was submitted to the county clerk to recall school board members Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson. See Who to Recall & Why.


November 26, 2019

A clarity hearing will be held to approve recall petition language (Is it clear/factual?). School board members have been notified of the hearing.


If the language is approved, school board members have 10 days to appeal the decision. If they appeal, the language then goes to Circuit Court within 40 days, and another hearing is held. If the language is approved after the second hearing, TCAPS Transparency can begin collecting signatures -- pushing to January as a start time.


If the recall petition language is approved at the initial hearing and not appealed, then TCAPS Transparency can begin collecting signatures as soon as December 6 (10 days after approval).


Once signature gathering begins, TCAPS Transparency has 60 days to get the required number and turn them in.



The most likely time frame for signature collection. TCAPS Transparency then has 60 days total to get 11,333 valid signatures to recall each school board member and submit the forms to the county clerk.


35-Day Period for Validation

A 35-day period occurs after the signatures are turned in where county and local clerks validate them and school board members can file challenges. If there are 11,633 valid signatures, the county clerk will call a special election for May 5, 2020.


May 5, 2020

Election day. Vote for new school board candidates so that Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson are recalled.

* This timeline will be updated when the signature collection period is confirmed.

2019 TCAPS Transparency in Education.

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