What's Next?

1) Sign pledge at www.tcapstransparency.com

Why? Helps show the growing momentum of public support to pressure Board to step down


This is so important, so please email your friends and encourage them to sign the pledge to help amplify our concerns 


What's New - there is an optional confidential pledge (better to go public but if you are a teacher afraid of retribution or do it want to go public, this option is for you!)


Also you can now pick which Board members that you want to see resign


Last, you can add comments or notes in comment box


ALSO - take time to send letters to the Board, asking them politely but firmly to resign. Copy all Board members, Interim Superintendent Jim Pavelka, and the Record Eagle. 


All of the above helps fuel the recall!



NOV - it takes 10-20 days to get language approved 

-Only Sue Kelly and Pam Forton (and Matt Anderson) are eligible for May 2020 Recall Election

-Cost is $80K


DEC/JAN - Collect 12,000 signatures. We will need volunteers to get signatures!


MAY 2020 - Recall vote

- a little tricky because ballot simply asks you to vote for Board members, the top two win (there is no mention of who was recalled by petition)


NOV 2020 - Jame Klegman and Jeff Leonhardt are up for re-election 


Want to volunteer? Email us at TCAPStransparency@gmail.com

2019 TCAPS Transparency in Education.

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