Who to Recall & Why

The recall effort is focused on Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, and Matt Anderson.

TCAPS Transparency calls on five board members to resign: Sue Kelly, Pam Forton, Dave Leonhardt, Jane Klegman and Matt Anderson.


TCAPS Transparency is working to recall three board members: Kelly, Forton, and Anderson.


Why recall these three?

Michigan law does not allow the recall of Leonhardt and Klegman because their terms expire in 2020.

TCAPS Transparency had to state a simple reason for the recall in the petition language. The group felt that the most straightforward reason we could give was the superintendent fail. Kelly, Forton, and Anderson all voted to hire Ann Cardon and just 78 days later agreed to separate from her at a cost to the district of $180,000 and with no reason given to the TCAPS community (teachers, staff, students, parents, or taxpayers).


Given that Erica Moon Mohr voted against separating from Ann Cardon, she is not included in the recall. New TCAPS board member Ben McGuire was not on the board at the time of the vote.


Although TCAPS Transparency believes this school board has other failures that need to be addressed in the areas of transparency, good governance, and fiscal responsibility, we had to keep the recall text itself to be clear and factual and could only recall those who were eligible under Michigan law.

Given that a recall election involves casting votes for the incumbent school board members as well as new candidates, including all three board members will let the voters decide who they want to keep or recall. See How School Board Recall Works.

2019 TCAPS Transparency in Education.

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